Office and home design is in our heart .....


Suddenly you can use your computer in any room to access the Internet or your office. You have a network in your home that gives you cost effective, simultaneous, Internet access for the entire family.

More importantly, you do not have the hassle and stress of doing it on your own


You have installed ADSL or Cable and speed is all that matters, it's the real benefit. It's just the beginning. We can help you make the most from broadband Internet in a secure environment.

Just because you are working from home, does not mean you are not working. We can help you to be as productive and efficient as if you were at the office. Imagine working without the daily dreadful travel experience.

Algabe involvement…

Algabe will work with you, and for you, to select, install and configure the right equipment to make you more efficient.
Algabe will work with your employer to design and install the solution to match the business needs.



You have a modern communications environment. You have a reliable network, with high availability and performance. You have multi-media suites capable of audio and video conferencing; with professional presentation and training facilities for staff and clients. You and your staff can be more flexible in the way you work, from home or on the road.

The Reality…

You may not have the technical expertise in-house or your IT department is slim and do not have the resources. You need someone to implement the solution, manage the knowledge transfer and provide support when you need it.. Affordable projects,  with great benefits.

Algabe Services include
Expert installers of corporate networks, voice and video systems.
Independent consultancy on network design, network management and Cisco Unified Communication systems.
Supplier selection and contract negotiation.
Corporate Remote Access.
Mobility Solutions.